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The search for new habitable planets is one of the most exciting things that astronomers around the world are doing today. They search among billions of stars planets like Earth where young life could develop. Technology is advancing rapidly but no still so quickly to find, even having contact, with new civilizations in the Universe.

What would be a new life far away from Earth? Even finding an advanced humanity could bring us a star wars, as we did for example when Europeans found the American New world here at Earth. Really, I don’t know if it would be a good interaction, knowing as we humans are, always with the peace word in mind but with a gun hidden just in case.

Anyway, would it be possible to find different kind of civilizations? I mind unlike flesh and blood or vegetables… I would like imagine new worlds but like phantoms, energy beings, something weird creatures invisible to our eyes and technology like the Schwarzenegger film Predator.

Hope if someday we find somebody there far away in the Universe that at least we could live in peace!


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