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Every day millions of data are driving on the information roads built over mega-computers. Increasingly, every second we send to the cloud, through more devices and applications, data and more data. I can’t imagine turning back to the past sending a simple letter with stamp to a distant friend and worst of all using a carrier pigeon.

Despite advances in security technologies, consumers have reason to be wary of what happens to their data out there. On one hand, the possibility of attacks by hackers, on the other hand, people fear that the Government, marketing enterprises… could put their hands over your information stocked at the virtual cloud, especially now that data are moving to powerful computers in remote countries where the cost to maintain all this is cheaper and it isn’t over judicial authorities control.

There is not yet privacy on our lives if someone intercepts your data hanging on the cloud, not only for the simple fact of gossiping, if not for taking benefit over you too.


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