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Species evolution over time is an inexplicable thing. Well, you can explain it because of science, studies, researches…, but it is always a mystery as it really happens. The last I read about: “Male faces evolved to take punches.”

It means that while fighting for survive in those far away times, prehistoric people practiced boxing to get what they would like. So, the easier way is always violence instead of negotiation, or when this last way doesn’t take you to what you want, it is the moment to fight.

So, as violence was the best way on those days, people faces muted to some kind of skulls so that punches didn’t hurt too much. Noses, jaws, cheeks, eyes… was the mainly change you could appreciate over faces evolution.

Luckily nowadays, only boxers punch the face of their adversaries, and too some ill-mannered politicians out of control put their fists on their opponents’ faces, so I think our next evolution would be more for polluted air-noses-mouth than for fists on your face.


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