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It is curious that newborn generations, their bodies evolves for adapting better to the environment that they are going to live. In a precedent post, I spoke about the evolution of faces because boxing among prehistoric men, and it took to my mind, what our future evolution could be having in consideration that we are polluting the air we breathe every day.

So for survive to a polluted air, our face could evolve to a kind of gas mask; a nose which filters the polluted air and converts it in a better oxygen to breathe; more closed eyes to prevent from dust; a closed mouth it might be to eat with a drinking straw; ears more closed too avoiding something wrong enter in; bigger eyebrows and eyelashes protecting eyes.

It might be that, I am describing a kind of extraterrestrial alien, but it is not crazy taking in consideration species evolution. If one could travel in a future time, it might be that we would be frightened seeing us as we are going to evolve on the next generation of living people here at Earth.


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