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Imagine a way to travel for free to another country and without being inspected by authorities. You must think: “It is a horrible hole in time-space for smugglers, terrorists, illegal immigration…” But really, if you find this, don’t tell anybody and enjoy holidays for free if destination is a paradise.

All the contrary which happened to a friend from another friend who told me that on the route 999, which goes from Siberia to Mongolia, it seems happen a weird space-time paranormal phenomenon:

A truck driver, who had to travel that route often, noted that in the section linking the town of Kraken and Mon-kink, a paranormal phenomenon of time distortion occurs. According to his testimony, on three separate occasions while driving he felt a little disoriented on the route, so when reacting, he discovered that something changed on the landscape, especially when he saw a signboard with weird characters written on, and near an odd green being screaming scared.

The problem was to return to the route, and really it was a waste of money on fuelling the truck again.


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