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This story about CONPLAN 8888 and how to survive a fictional zombie attack, it is so weird that you could think that people, you thought were serious and were thinking really about how to improve the world where we live, are a kind of friki-geek-nerds combination who laugh at us.

Evidently that privileged minds from The Pentagon can think about a nuclear disaster, global epidemic diseases, or other kind of natural or unusual catastrophes, which can bring us a fictional calamitous situations, and create a safety manual to cope with these circumstances. But from this, to think even about zombies coming from another planet and how to survive their attack, it is like telling the world that God really exists.

It is most like taken from a science fiction writer than from reality. Be serious please !!! As you made manuals for driving correctly at road, or first aid manuals… Take it seriously !!! and make it without this ridiculous feeling that people have when we listen about zombies or alien’s invasion attacks.


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