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There are some people who have at home dogs or sophisticated alarm system to protect their houses. I thought that, as I don’t like dogs because you must pick up their shit on the street if not want to be penalized by police and I don’t like picking up shit from the street, also I don’t like sophisticated alarm systems because they are expensive and I am poor, so it is for that I bought a carnivorous plant for preventing being robbed at home.

Some days ago that a thief tried to enter in my home, so when he was cautiously walking in the middle of the corridor in the way of my safe-deposit box, that he was attacked by my carnivorous plant. I woke up by the screams of the thief and when I got the corridor, there was a large pool of blood and some bones scattered on the floor.

You know dirty thieves around the world, you can come to my home to rob if you want, because it is like that I am going to save a lot of money without the need of feeding my lovely carnivorous plant.


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