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I think that anybody likes working for free, especially when what you are making takes you some extra hours from your free time.

Extra work always allows you to earn extra money, but sometimes it is not recompensed at all, although you have worked hard; worst is if you try to earn your life like this.

It is what happens when you enter to a graphic design contest. You know, working for free on graphic design contests is not very satisfying, but it has some advantages and some inconveniences:


- You win a contest, you win money, YOUPY!
- Even the customer can offer you to make more stuff if he agrees with your style.


- You have worked some hours for free and other graphic designer win the contest.

Hey, I found two advantages from one only disadvantage, so it must be good, must not it? No, really no, because this inconvenience is the most important thing: Earn money!

So, it is a good thing to participating on graphic design contests, especially when you are the winner and even you get more work to make ahead.


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