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A crazy ill man planned to escape from the madhouse where he was recovering from his madness. So he told his plan to his mad roommate trying to convince him to come with him.

“I thought that we can escape from here. I thought that we can walk to the backyard where there are not officers watching. So I have thought on two possibilities:

PLAN 1: If the wall is low, we jump.

PLAN 2: If there is a high wall, we dig a pit and we escape by a tunnel.

“I don’t like the plan!" answered his mad roomate. "I like being here. Out of the madhouse there are not any people waiting for me, so I rest here where I have meal every day. Good luck mate!”

Past three hours, the crazy ill man returned to his room and his roommate asked him: “Did not you get to escape? What was wrong? Your plan seemed reliable!”

“Yes but, there was no wall, so any of the options I planned to escape was good!”


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