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The myth of a giant human being is still between scientific theories. Archeological discoveries have not found a good evidence as for explaining that it existed. We even try to explain the existence of some kind of Bigfoot not discovered still, even as for telling the world that a kind of giant guys walked on the Earth fearing tiny people.

Evidence about giant bones is present on archaeological excavations, but they only belong to extinct dinosaurs. Conspiracy theories claim that if something was found, all was confiscated and hidden from the public view. Absurd theory when this kind of discovery would make millionaire the owner of a museum.

It might be that existed tall people as we have here now, you know like NBA players for example, but all is more about historical legends than from reality.

For the moment we only can dream about giant people in tales like when Gulliver was caught prisoner in Lilliput or that one I like more when “Puss in Boots” went to the castle to trick the ogre who lived there.


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