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We, human beings, boast about having missiles able to destroy a country, atomic bombs like what fell in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, invisible fighter-bombers… so, we are able to kill us quietly without the need of something weird coming from outer space like asteroids or aliens.

Instead of trying to save mankind, we like destroying us, even we create more powerful weapons to crush each other. What would be the meaning of all this? We are created by the same biological process more or less; we live under the same roof that is the sky, and walk around our planet from here to there intersecting with other human beings like you.

So, why our brain is damaged with a powerful weapon called jealousy? Why hate and lust of power are stronger than love or collaboration? Why look to the other side when your neighbor is in a difficult situation and you or the neighbors ignore the problem?

It is all about the survival process of nature which does all us asshole.


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