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metal detector

The other day a friend came at home with a metal detector and he convinced me to test it. We went to a near park and really we found a lot of old nails and other metal stuff.

As I like what the others have, next day I bought a metal detector for me, and as I am a dirty selfish I was not going to share with anybody. My plan was to become rich searching gold coins or other precious metals.

The first week-end after buying the metal detector, I went to the beach. I didn’t fish but I found 20 currency euros within a purse buried in the sand. “What the hell!” I thought, “It is better than going to work.” So I asked for some days of permission telling that I need to do personal things.

Days later I went to a forgotten archeological place where I supposed it should have valuable material. All the contrary, when the metal detector started to sound that I started to dig and suddenly a big bang burst in my face.

From hoping to be rich I did rich the plastic surgeon that was in charge of my facial reconstruction.


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