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A friend came at home, and you know, he likes drinking all kind of beer. It was the super-bowl final so when arriving at home he was carrying with him a pack of Coors beers. “Hey friend, we are going to take these ones!” I like beer too, but you know I am so poor that I only buy generic brands on the supermarket. “What the hell!” I exclaimed to him: “Let’s enjoy a true beer!

From the first sip, that I felt an amazing explosion of good taste in my mouth. “What a beer my friend!” and what most paid my attention was its logo and its well-designed etiquette on the bottle (you know that I like designing and it fascinates me watching good works), so later, when super-bowl was finished and beer too, it take me some hours on the Internet searching for beer merchandise and I found a bottle opener for only $3.99 from my American football favorite team.

You must think: “What an asshole man! He doesn’t have money to pay for a true beer and has money to pay for a stupid bottle opener!” Yes, you have reason, I am asshole, but you know, when I open my generic cheap beer with my Coors bottle opener that I feel the taste of the good beer.


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