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Animal trafficking generates more benefits than smuggling with weapons or drugs. Tigers, elephants and rhinoceros are the most coveted prey for traffickers of species. I went to Ivory Coast to meet an animal trafficker.

Ivory from elephants, rhinoceros horns, tigers skins… all these stuff are highly prized on the black market,” told me Simon Dadiente, who lives about trafficking because there is not a decent job to do in his country.I have a Chinese customer whom every month I deliver hundreds of rhino’s horns for his doctor’s office as a supposed remedy used to treat cancer. You know, I like more when is about this kind of trafficking when I am gladder, because I imagine that it might be a patient could be healed by this kind of stuff.

Being a forest guard in central Africa is not a good job if you are asked to take one from your employment office. If someday they call you to apply for a job like this, know that between 50 and 100 forest guards die each year in Africa because of traffic-related cases of species.


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