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You know, I don’t like traditions at all, especially when it is time of spending money because capitalism tells us that we must waste although you buy a shit on a stick.

The problem here is that in most cases your partner agrees with this custom and he/she is waiting for something original. Something that you really didn’t buy because you hate to buy to offer, because a stupid tradition orders you do that.

Anyway, if you decide to buy a gift to your partner you must investigate what the hell he/she need, because we live on a world where we have almost all what you can have (at least as for survive, the rest are only marketing needs created by neurotics money-anxious) As the result that you waste on a silliness for the simple fact of following the tradition.

And not only the fact of buying a gift, here we must consider too that for many people it is the only day that they remember they have a partner, and that they must love madly for the next day forget it and continue with their daily routine.

Happy waste of love on your Valentine’s day, dear reader!


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