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It is sad when over an artist it starts falling shit. "What a shit is all this about Paulina Rubio and her familiar environment?" I like her as a singer, as woman, as an erotic fantasy if you want too, but reading from her on the newspapers about all less from her music that it is what she does well, I think that the world is turning crazy if it isn’t yet.

You must say, dear reader, so why you read all those stories that the newspapers told about? You know, when her name appear on the headlines that I need to read it for knowing what is she doing, or if there is a new song… but instead it only appear dirty affaires on her life.

You must agree with her style, kind of music, clothes… but you will agree with me that celebrity people would need to be out of those filthy questions, because they are only going against the artist, trying to sink their career, especially when they work hard for getting it. I think that the only gift that she was given was her voice and gorgeous figure, the rest is hard work on the road.

Anyway, we live for the better and for the worst and it is human condition to gossip on the dirty affaires of celebrities.


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