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Smoking is objectively harmful to health. So, one day governments decided to take action against it, having consensus to forbid advertising. Today, the Royal Academy of Fat Jugglers has proposed in a written document to the politics all over the world to ban junk food advertising too.

This group has proposed raising taxes on carbonated soft drinks and ban fast food ads to halt the rise of obesity in the countries all over the world. The president of the academy told me that unhealthy foods should be treated equivalent to cigarettes, especially when there is a nasty smell of burning burger in the air.

In the document, they propose banning food ads that are high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and the reduction of fast food outlets near schools. They also suggest removing food vending machines in hospitals.

This all is to encourage people to drink and eat other healthier things and the most considerable action to force it, it will be a good solution to increase by 20% the price of junk food and sugary sodas.


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