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Fox hunting is the pursuit of a wild fox with a group of hunting dogs. Hunters usually go riding. The riders wear traditional clothes. Black boots, jodhpurs, collarless white shirt and a jacket. Horses also can be dressed. You know, as stuff for horses is expensive take some code coupons, which you can use to dress your horse and save money.

In hunting, there are usually 30 to 40 dogs. They are trained to acquire speed, intelligence and the most important: smell. A dog with nine years is considered old for hunting. When they cannot hunt more, they are killed by a shot because these hounds are not goods as pets. Waste your dog coupon code now and buy stuff for your dog!

When the hounds smell a fox, they will chase it until is lost or caught. If they catch the animal, the fox life lasts seconds.

Critics say the hunt is a cruel persecution, although most admit that they are not allowed to leave the fox to suffer. Supporters say that they only hunt sick foxes, because those in good health always escape.


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