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Since 1951, when an Everest expedition returned with photographs of giant footprints in the snow, that it has been speculated about the abominable giant creature who lives hidden somewhere in our planet. And it is not the same or only one who walks on Earth; it is reported to be some of them.

There have been reports of eyewitnesses who claim they have saw the creature in the Himalayas (Yeti), in the United States (where he is known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch”), in the Caucasus Mountains (where they call “Almasty”) and in Sumatra (“Orang pendek”).

At some point, researchers began noticing that abominable giant creature sightings seemed often accompanied by strange lights in the sky. The conclusion: the abominable giant creature is so hard to find because it comes in its spaceship, makes some tracks, and then flies back home.

Reality or fiction, it is clear if you walk alone in the forest and you watch something giant and hairy it is not question of greeting the monster, it is question of saving your life running far away although it will cost more doubt about the existence or not of the creature.


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