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While there are millions of people who are starving every day in our dear planet Earth, I read on the news that every family in the world throws away an average of 1,500 kg of food a year.

For doing the survey, 1,000 households were visited randomly-chosen at different times in a year and it were interviewed people of all communities responsible for feeding every home.

The most food thrown away were: 19% pastries, cereals and bread 17%, fruits, and vegetable products 13%, pasta, rice and meat 51%.

If you consider that the food that is thrown away in the United States and the European Union could feed 1,000 million hungry people in the world, the severity of food wasted is particularly important.

It is sad to realize that it is for that, every day you see on the neighborhoods people around containers searching that piece of chicken that you decided not to eat because your belly was full.


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