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Yes, you can seduce girls at the disco, but you have to know if the girl is interested. This is a difficult question. Some women like that you draw near. They show signs, and maybe even some girls are interested in you.

This is the perfect situation because if she is interested you will have the easiest job, but many men do not believe it and do not try to seduce the girl. If a girl looks at you and smiles, first thing you have to do is offer a drink or a snack and speak closer to her.

Learning how to seduce a woman is important to be very careful and very observant and pay close attention to the body language. For example, if you realize that a woman is constantly looking at the entrance of the local or even if she looks a little restless or bored, it means that probably she is waiting for someone, so not to approach to her because she will give you pumpkins.

In fact sometimes it is difficult to consider if a woman is interested in you or really she has come with some else and she tries to make her boyfriend jealous, using you as a guinea pig.


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