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When starting a New Year that people feel the need of trying to change their minds for improving their lives. Resolutions are in fact a fake, because the second day of the New Year all those considerations are going to the rubbish.

Learning a new language, losing weight practicing sport twice a week, giving up smoking, abandoning burgers for healthy meals… all of them are the most common resolutions people wishes to accomplish when a New Year starts. But, what happen: That you find hundreds of excuses for not doing it.

Why go to do footing Sunday morning when you are so comfortable in bed? Or why to waste your money on a gym when you like big XXL burgers? Even why to learn a second language when you are an English born, and people around speak English.

One solution for not forgetting and really trying to accomplish your desires it would be to frame all of them and hang it on the wall to remember, but anyway, when writing your resolutions be truthful and don’t try to fool yourself with unrealistic goals.


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