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According to a survey elaborated by the University of Trends & Fashion, physically attractive people can earn more than those less graceful in normal life.

This study of the financial and physical beauty found that people with physical attractiveness above the usually estimated average can earn about $ 99,999 annually, while people whose beauty is below this scale perceive about $ 9,999 a year.

"We found similar answers on the poll when analyzing the effect of the appearance of politicians about their chances of being elected. Although, it is curious that the impact of physical beauty was more difficult to determine in women, because they have to show that they are attractive and intelligent at the same time,” said I.M.Boring, the man who prepared the study.

Everything is relative when reading surveys, you know it is not science and there are exceptions to all this. For example: an ugly but clever woman can earn more than a gorgeous blonde without brain. Even, an ugly but influent politician can get more money than an attractive but uncharismatic political leader.


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