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Debate about having guns at home or not, it is clear: NO. We, who live in an ill society, must say STOP to this absurdity. No more slaughters, no more stupid deaths by crazy, mentally bewildered people who have access to arms, and don’t know the difference between good and bad because they lost that chapter on Sesame Street.

Why that anxiety of taking a gun and starting to bang here and there with the only aim of causing disturbance? Do what you want to do with your life, paranoiac assholes! But left people continue with their lives, they aren’t the problem to your mental distresses.

What a mental disorder can have a child on its brain, until the point of taking a weapon and riddle innocent people? What kind of society we are living on? What education serves for? Why people need to have weapons at home because they fear their… "enemies"?… "people who hate them"…?

I don’t understand anything! Life is like a lottery, and if you are in the middle of the fire, somebody armed with a weapon can finish with your projects of life, because somebody up there allowed having guns at home.


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