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It is curious to know that super-rich people can do what they want with their dirty money. Even most of them are so nasty that after to have a shit, they clean their asses with paper money.

A fact which as surprise me reading “The Mail Online” is that before to sell at auction the famous painting “The Scream”, some of the bidders (who evidently were filthy millionaires) got in exclusive the picture on their homes, because they wanted to see if the masterpiece would fix on the wall beside other paintings that they have.


It is evidence that for some rich people, the most important thing is the fact of how it appears when displayed on their wall with their other art, and few important is if the painting is a masterpiece or is a field strewn with daisies painted by a bum in the park of retirement. The question is that it needs to compliment the decoration.

Evidently that, if for example, you have the wall of your studio decorated with Scarlett Johansson’s posters, to hang “The Mona Lisa,” it would be a crime against the cool fashion.


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