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Scarlett Johansson is for many a sex symbol, but she does not think so. She does not understand why men like her so much and believes that in a few years her sexy figure will disappear, ceasing to be a sensual character.


I spoke on phone with her who told me: "I'm not sexy. I am convinced that in a few years I will change, I am not interested on being remembered because of my beauty. I am more than a simple gorgeous figure. I would like that people realize more on my intellectual aspect.

After hanging up the phone I started to think if she had influenced me on some intellectual aspects, which triggered some deep thoughts about life or something similar, but for many hours that I passed squeezing my brain I didn’t find anything.

I love you Scarlett Johansson as sexy symbol actress and I enjoy with your performance, especially when you appear semi naked, because for the moment for intellectual moments, I prefer passing my time with Anne Rice and her vampire stories.


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