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One of the mysteries which don’t let me sleep quietly at night is the answer to the question: How were the Egyptian pyramids built? Really, I take Valerian pills because for many hours that I pass trying to resolve the quiz, the only logical answer that I have is that they must be built by the aliens.

How were those giant stones so easily lifted up, building so magnificent monuments? Nowadays with our big cranes it would be only question of some weeks to finish the work. But for them, who didn’t have this kind of stuff, because archaeologist haven’t found, it must have taken several years of human exertion.

The only weird theory which comes to my mind is the fact that existed some kind of strongly giant people who helped building the pyramids, but the problem about it is that archaeologists haven’t found any of them buried on the earth as happened with the skeletons of the dinosaurs.


I hope that archaeologists find quickly a certain answer to this mystery, because I need to sleep again without having to take more valerian pills.


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