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A fan of my blog, who like reading me every time that I publish a new post, dared to e-mail me and asked me the following question: How to get started creating cartoons?

Well, admired fan of my cartoons, it is difficult to say. The first thing that you must make is to observe around you all the things that happen. For example, watching a gorgeous woman waiting the bus is a good point if you want to create porn cartoons.

Another interesting system for creating cartoons is to take a white paper and start doodling like a mad schizophrenic person. It might be that after watching what you have done, the work would be a shit, but at least you will have let off steam.

Here the question is not be obsessed with the fact of becoming a celebrity, wining a lot of money drawing or thinking that you are going to make out with all the beautiful girls of the world, here the most interesting thing is to do it because you like, not more. If something has to come, it will come, if not be happy and enjoy what you make!


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