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The face of mars

The most of us, people who would like to be astronaut but that can’t afford it because our little intelligence and few spirit of moving out, we can explore the mars planet quietly from our computer.

Like google maps, where you can explore what colour the curtains of your neighbour three streets beyond has, now you can explore the surface of mars from your computer.

Google Mars is a powerful map from you can travel to somewhere place of the Mars planet: canyons, ridges, dunes, and craters… whatever you want, except the fact that you are not going to locate any life form.

You know, if you are tired because on TV there are nothing than the dirty rubbish of every day, and you don’t want to walk out because of bad weather, a good solution for combating boredom is surfing on the Mars surface, even trying to search something that escaped to scientists eyes and become more famous than Christopher Columbus without the need of moving from home.


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