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Today is the bad luck day for excellence, so you know that if today you are going to buy a lotto ticket you have all the possibilities that you will not be the winner. Even, people who win lottery on bad luck days have more probabilities of being kidnapped by a strong criminal gang which will ask for a ransom, losing therefore your entire won first prize.

On bad luck days it is preferable to rest at home. Street is one of the most dangerous places where to go: the danger with black cats, and to pass under ladders are the common causes of accidents trying to avoid them. Even if you rest at home the most probable thing is that on bad luck days something wrong happens: fire, gas leak, the roof sinks…

I have a superstitious friend who one year decided to move to the desert on Tuesday 13th for avoiding all the fatalities in the city, and really he thought that it was the best idea that he had never had, because some hours later after waking up he found a four leaf clover. The problem was that when he was going to pull it off, a poisonous little snake bit him and he passed three months on the intensive care services at the hospital.

It is not for being superstitious or thinking that all those weird paranormal theories about bad luck days are urban legends. These things happens, even on days that you think that are normal, there are a lot of people who have bad luck, so it would be necessary that gurus of paranormal science would establish a new calendar with the bad luck days fixed.

So, where is the better place for passing a bad luck day: NOWHERE! There is not a safe place where to hide, you are exposed to the fatalities wherever you are.


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