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It must be serious when a company like Coke and Pepsi have immediately given up their convictions that their products are healthy and inoffensive as for changing their manufacturing process to avoid cancer warning on their labels.

I can’t imagine that soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi can finish writing on their labels some warnings about that their products can produce cancer like tobacco packs.

Anyway doctors always recommend to drink mineral water while eating or a little of wine, but I have not eared from them that soda, pop or carbonated drinks like these are healthy for our organism, all the contrary they produces gases in the stomach or big burps, acting as a plunger piper on our body.

Coke unblockes pipes

Anybody wants to believe that the products that they manufacture are cancer-causing, but when some laboratory evidences give reason to investigators, I think that there isn’t doubt about that something wrong is on the product.


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