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According to a UN report overweight and obesity create as many problems as famine. It is incredible to think that people who live in advanced societies die each year from poor eating habits, having as they have fruit and vegetable stores near their homes.

About 1,300 million people are fat, greasy and their weight is over what it would be estimated, and just over three million of people die each year because of overweight, while on the other hand there are a similar number of deaths because of malnutrition.

Some food enterprises are guilty of didn’t worry about reducing the level of cheap calories available, instead of looking more at the nutritional dimension. Companies do business by encouraging eating foods high in fat and salt. They have underestimated the health impact of what they do and hide its negative effects.

It is for that the UN blames the industry and governments, and calls for a junk food tax. At least I hope that if they tax junk food, the incomes will go to help famine in the third world.


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