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We can’t fight against nature forces. Environment is always in advantage in front of us, little humans beings living here at Earth. In some circumstances we are able to predict its nature force of destruction, even trying to minimize its damages, but we must always consider that nature is stronger than us.

One clear example about this is the volcano placed in the Hawaii Island. People who live in the paradisiacal island are happy because of the beautiful landscapes that they can enjoy every day, but they are living on a risky volcanic zone. So the question would be: Why are you risking your precious life when it is question of time that the disaster will occur?

For many scientific methods that we have, and living as we live on a technological developed culture, we can’t fix the destructive force that a volcano has. It is its nature cause and there isn’t an effective method for palliating its negative effects against who live near.


Stopping a volcano it is going against nature, declaring a war against something unknown, which will bring us a sure defeat.


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