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According to my bad sources of information I can tell you that Hugo Chavez’s tumour is a plot devised by the American imperialism.

Wikileaks wanted to stole me this exclusive with criminal methods, but thank you to my super hero powers, which for the moment I can’t reveal I forced its henchmen to abandon the idea of hacking my blog if I didn’t give them the e-mail where an American secret agency laughed about their criminal actions against the Venezuela’s president.

I could spoke with a member of the American secret agency offering him a high quality, expensive, Spanish ham and a bottle of wine, who told me: “It was so easy! We threw him a poisoned dart-shaped bee, which poison has spread quickly on his body, causing him a lethal tumour, but he is stronger than we thought and he is resisting.

American imperialism has always been trying to overthrow the Venezuela’s dictator from his throne, it might be that now camouflaged with the shape of a disease they will get it.


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