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Honey bees are in a critical situation. Since 2006 its population has been shrinking at an alarming rate in the U.S. and the rest of the world, but scientists have been able to accurately determine the cause.

A finding of the Los Angeles University (USA) may help clarify why bees are dying mysteriously. Researchers have discovered a kind of fly which kills: “It can result weird but after analysing the killer, it seems more like a mercenary ninja than to an inoffensive fly,” told me John Mutton, the research team leader.

Scientists have found that bees which leave their hives at night are more likely to meet with these flies.

The researchers want to study in detail how these flies affect the behaviour of bees and see if they interfere in the genes that help them regulate their day-night cycle. Also, try to find out why the bees leave their hives, if they do so voluntarily or were expelled by the ninja flies for stealing their honey.


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