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As always happens when fuses blow, because storm or other paranormal events at home, my computer breaks down. It starts to blink a green light and when I try to start again the computer, it doesn’t want to work.

Searching a lot of information on the Internet, even on the support centre of HP, I didn’t find the solution. What I did was to unplug the 24-pin connector to the motherboard and plug it again. But this method only worked the first times that it happened to my computer, the last ones it worked but some hours later or even waiting one day.

Really I was upset because it happened to me yesterday again, so I thought on the possibility of buying a new computer when I can’t afford this spending now, and I need the computer. So I decided to search again for information for fixing it when I found this page: “Power Supply LED blinks green,” and magically it was the solution: TAKE A BLOW DRYER AND BLOW AIR AT THE BACK OF THE POWER SUPPLY,” 2 minutes later after doing this, MY COMPUTER WAS FIXED!!!!!!!

So much technology as for always finishing fixing things so CRAPPY!


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