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There are a lot of people, who think that calling on 911 can solve all their problems, but on the contrary, this telephone number is only for real emergency services and the police there are not there for hearing stupidities or to pay attention to stupid situations.

It happened on a Supermarket where an absentminded woman ran over a man with her shopping cart, knocking him to the ground. Even when the man was falling, he stumbled on the shelf and a can of peas hit his head.

Immediately the man typed the 911 on his phone and some minutes later the police arrived to the place. After a few minutes of discussion, in which the man refused to get medical assistance, the police left the scene but not before reminding him that the 911 is an emergency, which deals with matters of life and death and not for solving stupid collisions between people and shopping carts.

Remember, might be that for you is very important to solve a stupid situation calling the 911, but take in consideration that a person can be dealing with the death while the police are paying attention to your stupid cat hanging from a tree.


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