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A group of U.S. researchers have discovered the two largest super massive black holes never found to date. I went to Ohio, where they have the big telescope with which they have done these observations of the Universe.

These black holes are much larger than we would have expected due to the extrapolations from observations of the characteristics of the host galaxy,” told me the concierge of the building and who didn’t let me enter for interviewing some Scientifics involved on the project.

The lead author, Chung-Pei Ma and his colleagues have come to these conclusions by measuring data from two nearby galaxies, NGC 3842 and NGC 4889,” told me a dust man in charge of picking up all the bin near the research centre and who followed with his dissertation about the discovery: “The galaxy NGC 3842 has a central black hole with a mass of 9,700 million solar masses and NGC 4889 has a black hole with a mass comparable or larger.”

Really, returning at home after my investigation I fell on an open sewer.


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