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A snake charmer released dozens of reptiles in a tax office in northern India to express his dissatisfaction with the lack of response to a request from officials.

Terrified, employees scrambled to their desks while others fled in terror to see Mr. Hakka, the snake charmer, let out three bags of snakes, including several cobras.

"He had submitted an application for a land where to house his snakes," told me Mr. Mani Manila, head of the local authority responsible for collecting property taxes. "There are no legal provisions, which allow hosting snakes on a field house,” he said. “Instead of waiting for a written response that we would have given him, Mr. Hakka preferred casting their snakes in the entire office."

The snake charmer told me that another official had promised him a spot two years ago. "After waiting so long, I had no other way that to let go my snakes in that office," he said.

Police said no one was injured in the incident, but that the snake charmer could not recover all his reptiles.


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