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When these dates arrive, that I think about this hypocritical world where we are living every day. Well, I think every day on how bad is the world divided between rich and poor. But on Christmas dates that hypocrisy grows bigger.

What most disturb me are weird situations which instead of solving a problem they increases discomfort. For example when rich people take at their mansions homeless people for not having to pass Christmas alone in the street, or when society tell us about take care of elderly, even having a chair prepared on our table for them.

Because, after Christmas, their wrong situation on our society it continues for them. “Well good man, you have had a first-class dinner, so return to your coin of street and continue begging,” what a rich would say, instead of, I imagine, offering a job, giving him the opportunity of another kind of life…

Anyway, it puts me ill, knowing that (I don’t want imagine) one day I could be on the wrong side too.

Merry Christmas, dear readers, and happy New Year 2012!


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