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Vatican's top exorcist, McCarron Smith, said that yoga is a work of the Devil and to read Harry Potter books creates sorcery addiction.

McCarron is a controversial figure in the Vatican for declarations such as: “Devil resides in the Vatican and that is the real culprit in the scandals of paedophilia.” Even he has practised over 70,000 exorcisms, all of them considered as true.

On a private interview he told me that practicing yoga leads to evil and reading Harry Potter to sorcery.

They seem harmless but both deal with black arts and that leads to the selfsame Satan,” he told me.

"Yoga is the Devil's work, you think you are stretching your mind and body but it takes you to Hinduism. These Eastern religions are based on the false belief of reincarnation."

Harry Potter’s books play creating fictitious evil worlds where reality can be taken out of context. They manipulate elements for performing nature aspects; even they try to change what is happening by means of magic spells."

After our short conversation on an awesome hall in the Vatican Palace I went out with the conviction of having interviewed the wrong person. That broom on his hands and the cleaning cart near him didn’t give me good feelings about if he was the right person.


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