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According to a funny calculator that you can consult on the BBC web page: “What’s your number?” the results said about me that:

When I was born, I was the: 3,789,598,336th person alive on Earth and the 77,984,551,481st person to have lived since history began.”

The global population is growing; any doubt about that. Soon, we will reach the number of seven billion of people living on Earth.

I rest with a thought about all this: “So many food on Earth and there is a lot of people starving still.”

Pacific coexistence of all people, races and cultures are the facts that have brought us so far. Despite difficulties: wars, nature catastrophes and diseases, we follow here and we continue developing, growing and consuming natural resources.

Until when? This is an easy question: Until women hold. Why? Because they are the engine that gives us the live. Without women, we would be nothing. If something wrong happened to all the women in the planet, for sure that human beings will disappear, because for the moment men don’t know how to give birth. And thinking that in the world there are countries still which treat women as animals.

Seven billion and growing, but with a lot of injustices and problems to solve still.


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