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I am not very interested on what celebrity people do on their free time, but sometimes one permits that his eyes drive to freaky news because reading philosophy and poetry all the day is tiring.

So, when the news appeared that I feel the curiosity of knowing what the hell had happened with the young Justin Bieber.

I am not a randy warm penis! I love Selena Gomez who is the love of my life. What you can read on “serious” (he laughed saying it) newspapers is all fake. They are becoming more like to comic magazines than realistic journalism,” told me in an exclusive interview.

It is really certain that when I finished the concert my fan approached of me and tried to stimulate my libido, but it is for that I have bodyguards, who get rid of her quickly. It might be that it was her frustration of getting nothing about me which has triggered this entire fake story.”

True or fake, the truth is that Justin is confronted to the reality of young people: “They don’t like to use condom when having sex and moreover they don’t want to assume consequences.”

Anyway, having a child with a celebrity, because of a spirited wild night is the solution to all your problems for life, even more than winning lottery. It is for that, fans try to search on celebrities their sexual debilities.


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