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There are a lot of people who are unconscious about the dangers that it supposes to buy an exotic animal for after abandoning it when becomes big. Wild animals are not like classical pets: cats, dogs, birds… The simple whim of willing to take from its environment those kinds of animals leads to something wrong for sure.

It happened in Oklahoma, USA, where a Boa Constrictor ate a child. It was in the afternoon when picking up their stuff on the park, the father of the family noticed that his child was not there. Searching and researching behind a tree he watched with surprise a big snake and somebody who was crying inside it.


With a big knife the father cut the Boa and luckily extracted his child living still. Quickly the child was translated to the urgencies service and saved miraculously by the medical team.

Unluckily the motherfucker Boa’s owner couldn’t get known, but I hope that when reading this news he will go to the church and confess his recklessness.


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