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I hate Halloween for three reasons:

1) I am afraid of ghosts, even when I have never seen any of them. When I need to go to piss in the middle of the night I switch on all the lights of the corridor.

2) What the hell, as the tradition tells us, you must light a candle in the window of your home for every relative deceased on your family! If there is a candle in memory of each deceased, spirits won’t bother your family. If it was not, the spirits will disturb you at night and make you fall in such terrible nightmares.

3) Do you think that dead people are going to walk the night of Halloween for disturbing alive people? For sure that dead people have best things to do than to think on losing their time on similar stupid things than when they were alive.

As a result, Halloween is a big fake that the unique thing that it does is having me under the covers shivering with fear, hoping that dawn again soon.


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