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A profession with a double objective: checking the needs and whims of hair and a lesser known: “be alert for suspicious lesions of skin cancer in areas with poor self-exploration, such as the scalp and neck.” Dermatologists stress the role that hairdressers can play in prevention and early detection of this disease.

"Hairdressers work and look at these areas of the body and also many of their conversations with clients focus on health, disease, health care, etc.., which gives them the perfect opportunity to advise a visit to doctor if they notice any abnormal signal on your skin," say the authors of the article, in the magazine: Archives of Dermatology.

In order to check what the current role of hairdressers in this area, a team of scientists at Brigham Women's Hospital and Harvard University (both in the U.S.) surveyed 304 professionals in 17 salons in Houston. Often, 69% provide their customers with an information leaflet on skin cancer and 49% showed great interest in participating in educational programs to train more about it.

Professional involvement is not as surprising as it may seem. According to hairdressers when they see a suspicious lesion hair on the scalp, it is usual to advise the client to seek medical attention."

It would be interesting too the collaboration of other professionals, such as the podiatrist or the staff that makes the manicure. With the slightest doubt or injury to observe, is the key to recommend a visit to the doctor.


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