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Muammar Gaddafi has been killed in the hands of the rebels after suffering a NATO airstrike. Found in a cell under a house, Gaddafi was the victim of a shootout between the rebels and his guard. As a result, the former leader was wounded and died minutes later.

What hypocrisy! The same people who greeted him with congratulations and did dirty business with him, now blast him showing the world his corpse.

I'm not saying that Gaddafi did not deserve this end, but this kind of schizophrenia of our politicians and double standards depending of the volume of bad fucking days in the game stinks.

Today all countries who have spent 40 years licking Gaddafi's ass say that it's a great day for the world and for democracy and that they were always against the dictator.

Anyway, I am not glad about that people become happy because a motherfucker has been killed. This is not a situation for having a fun party. The true human spirit is lost thinking and acting like wild animals.

Capturing him alive, having a judgement where a tribunal could condemn him for his crimes, this is the situation that would have made us perfect human beings. But on the contrary, military and rebel forces acted like hunters against the beast, that for many hate that you can have on your brain, this killed man was a simple human being, as you and me and didn’t deserve to finish his life like the prey of a lion.


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