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It seems that times goes slowly for those who wait, and while waiting if you are not this kind of guy who like being involved on what happens around, you can get stopped on the time that you were.

It happened to a man in San Antonio, Texas, who set fire to a house with the only purpose of returning to prison.

It results that he entered on jail at the age of 19, for after being released 40 years later. Really, when the man went out of prison the world had changed at all and it was difficult for him to start a new life on a different world, different from he had known on freedom.

I interviewed the man who preferred to be anonymous and this is what he answered me:

Passing all my life on prison it was like being at home. They took care of me every day. Three foods at day, free medical service when I was ill, a comfortable bed for sleeping… I needed to worry about nothing. No taxes, no rush hours locked in the car, no throw away the rubbish, no washing dishes… What the hell! When they decided that my moment of freedom had arrived I felt terrible ill, because I have nothing where to go, neither family nor friends. The worst that the world had changed and the city had grown. I felt fear about computers and new technology; I felt that the world wasn’t what I had left before to enter in prison.”

It is a little sad to say that a lot of people who enter in prison don’t want to be free, because punishment makes themselves comfortable and especially safe from the reality. Insertion is a utopia for them.


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