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One day King Lorious discovered that one of his hens was a little special. She didn’t seem to the others which laid eggs every day. The problem of this hen was that she was always brooding, but every time that he raised her for watching if something have been laid, the result was nothing.

He decided so carry her to the veterinarian and asked him why she didn’t laid eggs as normal hens do. The vet advised King Lorius to keep 24 fours the hen for watching about her disposition.

While attending for news of the vet, King Lorious, went as every day to his little henhouse for taking some fresh eggs and do a delicious omelette. Suddenly he discovered a weird egg.

Oh my god, a golden egg!” he exclaimed astonished. “Who of you have laid similar egg?” he asked to them, but as hens don’t speak any word sound on the henhouse.

Thinking a little about that golden egg, he thought on the possibility that that weird hen which didn’t lay eggs was which had laid that golden egg.

He ran quickly to the veterinarian office, but when he arrived it was too late. The veterinarian had run away with the hen.

King Lorious returned to his castle crying because of the lost of the hen that laid golden eggs.


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