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After drinking water of a public fountain that a woman in Oklahoma changed at all. Her body transformed quickly in a giant figure, so she ran to the forest because in the city she didn’t feel good watching as people observed her metabolism which was transforming. Especially neighbours who started to whisper about if she was suffering some kind of illness.

She became a giant woman until the point of measuring the height of a three floors building and it was impossible to live in her flat. Hiding in the woods she felt sure.

One day, a hunter realized about something big was moving in the brush. He shot and blood appeared. Approaching to the wound he discovered the giant woman scratching the shot on his leg as if a mosquito's sting. She ate the hunter and since that moment she became cannibal.

It is for that, if one day you are going to the woods near Oklahoma, be careful because behind a tree can be waiting for eating you the giant woman who eats tiny people.


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